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Go Mix™ is for those of us living an active, on-the-go lifestyle. As a company, our packaging, and people attract the individuals that wake up in the morning with a purpose to be better. Those who go about their day looking to do MORE not LESS. The Moms and Dads that can't waste a second, but demand excellence and consistency in their daily nutritional routines. The athlete racing from class to workouts but still needs to nutritionally fuel their body and maximize potential. The health-conscious professional that needs a mid-day energy boost that's clean and effective. Go Mix™ is for the go-getters that Live Fast, and Travel Light.


Why Choose Go Mix™ Technology?

  • Built on quality, innovative practices, and exceptional customer service.

  • Holistic and streamlined approach to manufacturing.

  • Opportunity to truly differentiate your product line.

  • Consumer-focused, we want to help people achieve their goals.

  • And more!

Before we get into any nitty-gritty, our main mission is to surpass your expectations so you can do the same for your clients. We consider ourselves your partners, offering the same superior excellence no matter how big or small your order may be. Whether you need our patent-pending packaging or you want us to formulate, fill, and ship your formula, we’ll go the extra mile for you.

Our Commitments to You

At Go Mix™, we focus our energy on three main goals:

To Offer Convenience

  • We strive to provide convenience not only on the product end but on the manufacturing end as well. Our streamlined implementation makes it easy for you to quickly launch a product that will truly make your consumer's lives easier. While focusing on the details of the project, we aim to make the manufacturing process simple for you.

To Make Nutrition Easier

  • Go Mix™ is going to offer your consumer a product that minimizes the steps to consume and allows them to attack their busy schedules. This packaging allows you as a brand to pinpoint nutrition, eliminating preservatives and unfavorable ingredients.

To produce quality products

  • By standardizing substantial quality control procedures, we stand behind every product we produce. We uphold the highest standards and do this through numerous credible certifications.

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We’ve had time to engineer our product to perfection and fine-tune our processes for ultimate efficiency. In short, we’re good at what we do, and we offer the support your business deserves. Tell us what you need — we’ll handle the rest.