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Go Mix™ takes the highest of precautions when it comes to our manufacturing environments. We partner with quality people, manufacturers, and businesses that uphold the highest standards in quality control procedures and certifications. We go a step further to implement our own quality control procedures very specific to the Go Mix™ packaging. This ensures that our customer receives a consistent product they can continuously trust. When it comes to sourcing ingredients we work with the industry leaders in order to provide access to the most effective ingredients on the market. Our combination of great people and processes gives us the opportunity to provide you and your customers a product that will truly change how we all consume nutrition.

FDA Current Good Manufacturing Practices

The Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) is the standard for ensuring pharmaceutical quality by the Food and Drug Administration. CGMPs provide systems to ensure proper design, monitoring, and control of manufacturing processes and facilities. Go Mix™ is proud to be fully compliant with CGMP regulations, ensuring that our on-the-go packaging product is manufactured with the utmost care and quality for your everyday use. Click the link below to learn more about what it means to be CGMP compliant.


Gaining organic certification isn’t always an easy process. That’s why at Go Mix™, we are happy to be able to say that our manufacturing facility can process and handle any product that has organic certification needs. In our ever-growing market place it is essential for brands to stay on-trend, while still being able to differentiate themselves. We are very thankful and willing to take the extra steps in order to provide this unique certification.


To take our possibilities and offerings a step further, we are also certified kosher by Star-K. This Kosher Certification guarantees that all food products and ingredients we source meet all kosher requirements, or meet the standards of Judaism’s dietary laws. A representative from Star-K has evaluated all of our vendors and products and will make regular visits to continue monitoring our kosher-certified status. Go Mix™ provides our customers with nothing less than the best, and our multiple certifications in high-quality standards further prove that. To learn more about our kosher certification, visit their site by clicking the link below!


The concept of Halal covers the set of practices that are allowed by the Muslim religion and is commonly associated with food that is acceptable according to Islamic law. The goal of acquiring a Halal certification is to ensure that beneficial and healthy practices are being followed so that there are fewer health risks and an improvement to the quality of life. Go Mix™ has gained the certification to further ensure that any ingredients desired to be deemed Halal, are completely compliant with Islamic law and practices. Similar to kosher certification, Halal certification implies that foods and food products are fit for consumption and completely safe. To learn more about the process of acquiring Halal certification, visit their website today!


Go Mix™ created our patented on-the-go packaging products with our customer’s best interests in mind. Quality control is essential for the production of our travel pouches, which is why we took the time and care to become CGMP compliant, as well as organic-, kosher-, and Halal-certified. Our on-the-go travel pouches are the best way to get your powdered nutrients on the fly. Just add water and shake! Our pouches are portable and recyclable. For more information or questions about our convenient on-the-go packaging, be sure to contact us today or request a sample to try it out!